How long does it take to get a skip delivered?

We offer a same / next day delivery service although if you require a permit this can take a minimum of 10 days to obtain so please factor this into your plans.

What is the minimum time I can hire a skip for?

We do not have a minimum period, the maximum is 10 days and if and when you need it collected, just call and we will clear it with-in 48 hours.

Will my driveway be big enough for the skip to fit?

You drive will need to 8 foot (2.4m) wide to allow our truck access. It will also need to be free from low hanging trees and power lines that may cause an obstruction.

How do I pay?

All skips can be paid for prior to hire by all major credit cards or cash. We are able to take payment over the phone.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?
All the details regarding our cancellation & refund policy can be viewed here.
What can I put in the skip?
Here is a list of what is acceptable but if you have some waste you are unsure about please call our helpful team on 0800 802 1493 for advice.
● Brick*
● Soil*
● Rubble*
● Concrete*
● Timber
● Glass
● Metal
● Green Waste
● Plastic
● Paper
● Cardboard
● Non­electrical fittings
● Furniture
*skips over 10yds can not be filled with mud or hardcore.
Do you recycle your skip contents?

At 0800 802 1493 we aim to recycle 100% of all our waste and to reduce the need for landfill.

How do I arrange for my skip to be collected?
Simply call one of our team 48 hours before on 0800 802 1493 and arrange for collection.
Do you offer business accounts
Business Accounts are available under requirements. Please call our Commercial Team on 0800 802 1493 to discuss this further.
What size skips do you have for hire?

We have a large selection of skip sizes and roll on roll off skips which you can view on our skip sizes page.

Will I need a permit?

If you don’t have a driveway, garden or other private land at your home to place the skip on to you will need to apply for a council permit to have the skip placed on the roadside. The council charge for these permits and we are able to apply for your permit on your behalf. It normally takes a minimum of 10 days to receive the permit so please allow for this time when placing an order.

Will my driveway be damaged by putting a skip on it?

Some driveways, block paved & soft tramac, are susceptible to damage when Block paved and soft

How full can the skip be?

All skips should be filled no higher than the height of the sides and should be level loaded. If you overfill your skip you risk us not being able to remove it and incurring further costs to remove the extra waste. Overloaded skips are unsafe to load on our trucks so please ensure you keep to these guidelines for our drivers safety.

What can't I put in the skip?

Here is a list of what is not acceptable but if you have some waste youare unsure about
please call our helpful team on 0800 802 1493 for advice.
● Fridges & Freezers
● Gas Bottles & Cylinders (full or empty)
● Clinical Waste & Syringes
● Hazardous & Toxic Waste
● Oils & Filters (engine, hydraulic & cooking)
● Petrol & Diesel
● Fluorescent Tubes
● Liquids & Sludge
● Asbestos
● Paint & Paint Tins (unless empty)
● Solvents
● Resins
● Tyres
● Explosives

How can i stop people accessing my skip?
If you are placing your skip in a public place and are worried about it being accessed by unauthorised people we have a number of enclosed s kips and r oll on roll off containers that will allow you to secure your waste.
What if I'm not finished with the skip by the pick up day?

If you find that you will still need to your skip after the initial hire period please call us on 0800 802 1493 at the earliest time possible to extend your hire.

Do you deliver at weekends

We have limited Saturday delivery slots so please call on 0800 802 1493 to discuss you requirements.